Let’s get this over with. The started bit that is…

I’m not going to lie. I haven’t given this that much thought. It’s not something I’ve been preparing or thinking for long. It was very much a spur of the moment thing in the hope to develop a habit, keep at it, and see where it takes me.

So yeah, this can be very bad. But I guess the beauty of this is precisely that. It can be bad. A blog can be anything you want it to be, and maybe, just maybe, one person will relate and/or react to something I write and everything could make sense. That person could even be me and this might just help me…

Apologies, I don’t mean for this to be metaphysical (I just watched a Rush documentary). I’m definitely not prepared psychologically or academically for that type of conversation/blog. So, in order not to fall into that trap I promise to (1) keep this short and sweet, (2) with some structure and (3) addresses things in particular (and not extensively or with rigor – it’s a blog, come on).

With that in mind, and for this first blog post I was thinking of sharing 3 things and move on to the next one (see, structure).

  1. The name. Had to start with that. Why Consequential Ventures? It might evolve into something else. But I wanted this to be a reminder to myself and a running theme for the blog (perhaps). My most relevant professional experience (TECHO.org) and my recent graduate school  (Fuqua School of Business) both focused on the concept of being consequential. And I love it. I want my life to revolve around that and I want to pursue things consequently. Why? That might be for another time.
  2. This leads me to my second point. I recently graduated from Business School (MBA to be specific) and I realized you spend a lot of time thinking about what is that you want to do. It sounds simple enough, and kind of “you should’ve known”. But it doesn’t. It’s the old saying “we spend so much time thinking what to do with our lives that we forget to do just that, live them” (or something like that).  Graduate school is no different. Paraphrasing Rob Gordon (High Fidelity) “It would be nice to think that since I was 14, times have changed. Skins thicker. Instincts more developed.” Not only are we just as clueless, we are bombarded by so much stuff it’s almost impossible to think clearly. I decided to join a financial inclusion institution and accompany my wife in her professional pursuit here in Miami. More on all of that in later blogs…
  3. Miami. What is there to say about this city that hasn’t been said or that can’t be found on a short stroll down Ocean Drive on a sunny afternoon. Well, a LOT as it turns out. In my initial 4 weeks here I’ve been bombarded by an array of accents, foods, backgrounds, and stories. They tilt heavily on the Latin-American side, but not necessarily. Someone told me (may have been an Uber driver), ‘”Miami is the door to Latin-America”.  Or was it “gateway”?  Anyways, you get the gist. I couldn’t agree more at this moment and I hope to explore that very concept as it intertwines with the United States culture and in its full spectrum – Latin America is fairly big and diverse in itself. I hope to touch upon that on later blogs too.

So, was it short and sweet? I hope so. I guess that is a relative term anyway. I would like to think I complied with 2 out of the 3 things I set out to do in this first post.

If you made it this far. Thanks. If you didn’t and you just scrolled down. Well, thank you too!




Published by Manu Costa

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A brief stint in Loughborough, UK and now permanently in Miami, USA. A deteriorating sportsman. A resourceful husband. A hopeless wanderer.

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